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A (personal) gateway to the divine arts and hence to the glorious celestial archetypes.
To the best of my knowledge.
Ad infinitum.

Medium: found materials, acrylics, oil pastels, spraypaint, printed transparent sheet.
40.7 x 44 x 4.6
A personal definition of the Arts, and celestializing this statement to define and explore a part of my internal astral pantheon, focussing on the anchient se7en planets.
One may now ask how such a definition can be so abstract and complext, but considering that "the highest merit of art is suggestiveness" (Nathanial Hawthone), this assembly of abstract symbols, in the fashion of Jungian archetypes, is rather a glorification to the arts and indeed the headstone for another magnificent temple.

"What I have said concerning the operation of the [moon] has been completed."
-15th and final verse of the Emerald Tables of Hermes Trismegistus