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Selfportrait SummerAutumn'09

Title: 00010.1&2.4.091109.

Module-I & -II
interconnected though 'Earth' carpentry cable/SilverCord

Date: Summer & Autumn 2009 processed, finished 9.11.2009

Media: Concrete, AborealMaterial, Acrylics, Canvas and Stretcher, Cardboard, Metal and other found materials.

Module-I: Canvas on Stretcher Reversed and 3-D cityscape in resulting space. Cardboard cross, on the position of the Sun, that is painted on the canvas. Cross evolves into a lug-wench, featuring four socets of metaphysical function. Any further symbolism represents a certain variable of the artists BelieveSystem. Keep in mind that the context of the representation and any symbolic value is only true in the chronical framework of the process of the creation of the piece, not any further. This module captures the artist attitude towards external entities and sensations, but only in the parameters of the time of creation of the piece.

The artist's head, made from Concrete, featuring aboreal material, representing the artist's growing hair. This module assesses the internal and physical conceptions from an egocentric point ov view, with some relations to the external universe. Important details are: The minor hole in the head, from which Papyrus is growing and an expanding wave draws around the whole head. The third eye (I), featuring a negative pentagram, positive triagle and the enchanted moon. Various cables, at the back of the head give further perspective to the concept of the artist's hair. Lastly, the rectangular space on the left side of the head holds another major set of symbols.