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Weaponry Sanctification

Title: Weaponry Sanctification [ger:Waffenweihe]
No.: 00005.1.5.090316
Media: Various Media (mostly acrylic painted concrete)
Date: March 2009
It is about time the economy discovers the ongoing trend of whole nations rioting as a new sector of making money.
Private ambulances, special riot insurence or personal protest servces are only a few ideas of how to integreate the restless youth, extremist subcultures and whole nations, in a fury of flegelation against the own state, into a new aeon economic structure.
The ability of a few individuals, to actively stand against an ideology, is to be praised though. It keeps alive the consciousness and teaches not to accept everything, that the authorities decide. On the contrary, this seemingly blind hate out of boredom is in no way a compensation for the massive increase in khaos in the universe. It shows a low awareness of the ballance of khaotic freedom and ordered responsibilty.

"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at [insert made up enemy of you choice]"